Tips to invest in gold

1 that the investment be as low prices, while avoiding the time of purchase to rise.

2 buy bullion rounds to the low 24 Msneitha.

3 to be the investment of surplus funds, with no recourse to borrowing.

4 to form the gold of between 30 and 40% of the investment portfolio.

5 refrain from buying gold for investment purposes busy, especially those that contain gems, or semi-precious stones in abundance.

6 to determine the price at which the investor wants to get to, to make a profit.

7 Permanent access to news the US economy, and the reports of the dollar.

8 and having a clear and long-term investment strategy.

Tips to invest in gold

Multiple alternative savings options for individuals, if the decline in the price of the pound against the dollar, the bank deposits in dollars or land, real estate or other means of investment, but gold compete with those alternatives as a store of value has a lower relative to the price of getting it, and the ease of trading, and achieve an appropriate return on long-term, but is this appropriate time for the acquisition of the precious metal, to escape from the trap of low pound, interest rate, and usually the accompanying negative effects on savings?

«Gold prices already fluctuate, but at least do not see significant falls, and in the long term, the acquisition of gold is the best choice for investment»

if you want to invest in gold, you have to buy it and keep it for a period of not less than 5 years, in order to achieve the target of interest from savings.


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