Dubai attracts business

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Dubai attracts business to expatriates

Dubai ranked as third on the list of the top 10 cities in the world for expatriates to establish businesses. While both the cities of Austin and Odense, far superior to such cities as Hong Kong, London, Panama City, Seoul, Singapore, Tabee and Wellington. According to the report, published by the site «Expat Focus», that Dubai has been classified for several years on the top ranks of the best cities in the world to establish business, noting that it enjoys a privileged position for foreign entrepreneurs.

Dubai attracts business

HSBC’s survey of expatriates around the world described the booming city as one of the four cities in the world to qualify as a destination for foreign entrepreneurs.The UAE is generally stable, accompanied by strong economic stability. Expatriates believe that Dubai has a great business culture. As well as trade regulations and regulations that make it easy to establish a successful and successful business.

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