Dubai attracts business

.Dubai property purchases grew 63% in the first quarter of this year 2017. Compared to the same period of 2016, according to Sultan Butti Bin Mujrin, Director of Land and Property in Dubai.

The number of nationalities that have invested in the city’s properties during the last three months of this year is 144 nationalities. Investors from around the world reflecting Dubai’s ability to achieve a popular public consensus on its maturity to become the preferred city for living and working by buyers of different nationalities and cultures.

“The total number of transactions reached 15501 exceeded 40 billion Dirhams. Also, He pointed out that the investment of individuals in real estate is higher than companies and institutions. Companies and institutions recorded 9 billion against individuals’ investments of 31 billion Dirhams. Through 14216 transactions, a growth of 66% compared to the same period last year.

Dubai property

The UAE investor was at the top of the value of investments. When they bought properties worth more than AED 8.1 billion. They also led the most buying of properties with 2,483 investors, accounting for 26% of the total value of real estate deals.

About 144 nationalities bought Dubai property. Moreover, it came in the lead India with 2207 investors followed by Pakistan with a number of 1000 investors. Saudi Arabia with 972 investors and Britain with 798 investors in Dubai property.

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