Dubai attracts business

 A long-term outlook remains optimistic amid strong support from the booming hospitality sector in the Dubai retail market, according to a recent report by global real estate consultancy Knight Frank.

Dubai retail market

The report, “Overview of the Retail Sector in Dubai in the First Quarter 2017,” said that the delivery of the amusement park complex along with many demand generators is expected to stimulate the hospitality market. Moreover, it will definitely have a supportive impact on the retail market.

Dubai retail market growth considered as an evidence on the economic growth in UAE. Especially at Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport. As well as, well as the expansion of Emirates. The retail sector will deliver an additional 900,000 square meters over the next few years. Either through new shopping centers or expansion Centers list. This comes under the use of developers’ retail support bases for their multi-purpose projects.

According to Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Euro Monitor International. Dubai emerged as a $ 2.5 billion consumer electronics market in 2015 and expected to grow 4.7% to $ 3 billion by 2020.

Gold in Dubai retail market

Gold in Dubai is on increase due to the excessive buying for gold.


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