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Edible gold has been known since the 16th century and its purpose is to decorate food and beverages. Recently, fashion has found its way into the world of fine dining.
The following is a list of the most expensive foods made of real gold and edible.


Edible gold  list

Exosia (24 carat) Luxury Gold Water

This water is made of pure 24-carat gold, it is said that this golden water has the ability to fight stress and anti-aging, the value of one bottle of exosia is $ 2.800.
At a luxury show for the world’s richest people, thirty bottles of exosia were sold for only two evenings. According to a spokeswoman for the manufacturer of the water, most of the bottles were sold to Russians who later used them to make tea.

The Burger

A truck selling food in New York may carry the record for the world’s most expensive burger truck. At a price of $ 666 per burger. The burger sandwich in this truck is made from the most expensive ingredients you can imagine. Beef is wrapped with gold leaf, and the caviar, lobster, truffle, grueier cheese and some other ingredients are added.
Franz Aliko, the owner of the truck selling this burger, said these pies may not be tasty, but they will make you feel rich !!

Lasagna Diamond and Gold

The Lasagna diamond and gold lasagna are offered at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 2014. These lasagna are prepared from beef, goose liver, mozzarella, pork, white diamond and 23-carat gold. One slice of this dish cost $ 100.

Golden sushi

Golden sushi is one of the most expensive sushi types in the world. It has a record in the Guinness book, and the value of one piece of sushi is about $ 1,800.
Angleto Araneta Gere, a chef of this golden sushi, uses expensive ingredients such as Norwegian salmon, foie gras, wild saffron, and finally pearls and diamonds sprinkled over each piece of sushi. Instead of seaweed wrapped in sushi, Of gold.

Golden Yellow Tea

Golden Yellow Tea “TWG’s” is the most expensive tea in the world. The Singaporean company (TWG’s) is the owner of this expensive tea. Difficulty and hardship Harvesting this golden yellow tea, which is one of the reasons for its very high cost.
This tea is harvested on a given day and only one each year on one mountain only. They are harvested by golden scissors and only from the top of the trees. After drying, the tea is coated with 24-carat gold.
The price of 50 grams of golden yellow tea is about $ 528.
The pizza is two thousand dollars
The $ 2,000 pizza sold at the Industry Kitchen Restaurant in Manhattan has 24-carat gold bars, which is why the price is so high. But not only because it contains black squid, French goose liver and French truffle, as well as caviar of oystra and some edible flowers.

Royal cappuccino or cappuccino palace

Dubai known as one of the most popular tourist attractions around the world. If you find yourself in Dubai one day, try the Cabuccino with a cup price of AED 60 or $ 16, which is sold at the Emirates Palace. It consists of a mix of scented coffee covered with gold foil.

Caviar alpino

Alvino caviar, also known as white gold, thought to be the most expensive food on earth. A kilo of this caviar is priced at about $ 300,000, and about $ 40,000 per teaspoon. This luxurious caviar is made of rare white fish and lace with 22 karat gold.

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