Gold price technical analysis 23-3-2017 indicate a fluctuate between two primary level today. Fluctuate between 1246 and 1263 U.S.D / Ounce of gold. The gold price if succeed to pass the level 1250 U.S.D / Ounce of gold we will see more support for the rise trend today.

Gold price technical analysis

It expected that to see more push on the up trend today. Unless, gold succeeds to break the level of 1231 U.S.D / Ounce of gold. We can see that gold started to re collect itself again after the consecutive loses last week. It is expected for gold rate today to continue on its up trend.

Gold prices appeal to be on the positive trend today. It will record the level of 1248 U.S.D / Ounce of gold. The fluctuate today will be the indicator for the next week trend. We expect to see a rise in gold price, followed by excessive sell process. The next fluctuate will be stronger. Investors will aim to re gain profits quickly. The us market of gold will push gold price high due to their need for support fearing from Trump. We will watch a lot of harsh fluctuate in gold rate.