gold price technical analysis

Gold price technical analysis 27-1-2017 indicate a decline in gold price.

Gold price technical analysis 27-1-2017 started to watch a fall for many reasons.

One of those reasons affected gold price is the rise of US Dollar. The increase of Dow Jones index. The traders in Forex market head to the trade in the USD/ EUR per. The stock market in New York watches its best situations. The increase of trust in the American stocks. All of those reasons pushed investors away from gold.

Gold prices indicate a decline as we expect yesterday. The precious metal is pushed inside the down channel at the level of 1183.69 U.S.D / Ounce of gold. The issue, which made a new support level for gold at the level of 1179.11 U.S.D / Ounce of gold.

The trading level of gold trading in Forex market today, according to gold price analysis, is 1192 and 11719.99 U.S.D / Ounce of gold for trading today.

We could watch a rebound in gold price during the few weeks, It could form a new rise to the level of 1211 U.S.D / Ounce of gold.


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