gold price technical analysis

Gold price technical analysis indicate that gold price will watch increase depending on yesterday support point in trading at the level of 1148.00 USD/ Ounce of gold. the support point for gold or challenge is to break the average of 1172.68 U.S.D / Ounce of gold to form a new resistance point at that level.

gold price technical analysis show that gold price in the evening session will reach the level 1166.22 U.S.D / Ounce of gold. If that happen so gold price will continue to rise today till the end of middle session.

in case gold price breaks the level of 1147.80 U.S.D / Ounce of gold we will watch the down trend but it is not expected for today.

gold price support level will be at 1148.00 U.S.D / Ounce of gold and the resistance level will be at 119.00 U.S.D / Ounce of gold

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