gold price technical analysis

Gold price analysis indicate that gold price will start trading today at a rise by 0.41% till it will reach its first resistance point at 1154.76 U.S.D / Ounce of gold, gold price will continue to rise for that level then we will wait to watch its next trend. if gold price succeeded to reach the level of 1172.68 U.S.D / ounce of gold it will continue its up trend today.

gold price analysis for the middle session today will continue in the up trend if it succeeded to keep its level over 1124.88 U.S.D / Ounce of gold, but if gold price declined from that level we will watch a slight decline to the level of 1047.61 U.S.D / ounce of gold .

Gold price analysis today expect for forex trader that the support level will be 1135.00 U.S.D / ounce of gold and the resistance level will be at 1165.11 U.S.D / Ounce of gold


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