Why invest in gold is useful and profitable?

Why invest in gold is useful and profitable? The investment in gold a profitable and useful since ancient times and certainly will continue to be so in the future, investing in gold has many benefits. It includes the date and the supply and use and stability.

Gold investment was not a loser at all. In fact worth more than with the passage of time and anyone can depend on this precious metal at any time I need the money. We can simply say that gold is such as cash that may even surpass the strength of the dollar. The gold is worth less in any way and can set its value even if the economy moves up or down. Buying gold is much like put your money in the bank but no less constantly increases.


There are those who relied on the local and international gold currency. Where he and more than 6,000 year ago ie since 4000 BC. Under the gold is the currency of trade in the sale or purchase of goods to and from ancient civilizations, and the gold-based still exists, although it returned its industry and the lineup again and again and yet be gold industry due to the market once again the forces of supply and demand to change and affect the prices as a whole and this feature distinguishes it from other of minerals.

the use

Thanks to Aonth and its ability to form and being a metal Muammar, the yellow metal uses are many and varied and ends, where it is used in coins and material technical, jewelry and medicine general industry and dentistry in particular is also used in the electronics industry, such as computers until it enters the spaceships industry.


There are important economic fact that used when analyzing the value of gold. Divided into three factors: the need or demand and available supply, cost or price.

The price of gold does not value never goes down, because the offer is not always available, while the need and demand constant. In spite of finding more gold in various gold mines throughout the world, but the costs associated with research and extraction of gold is very expensive and not enough demand in the knowledge that hoarding gold rates are very high, especially since we are talking about the Arab world it must refer the UK Emirates, the largest hoard of gold in the world’s societies.

These include costs of mining or mining and refining expenses, purification and refining of extracted material to become a material convertible, storage and transportation.


Unlike currencies gold can not be impaired. Even if there were changes in the securities markets, it is very small and do not contribute to the overall decline of the value of the metal.

It has been proving these facts during the years of the recent economic recession. Even in the most advanced economies of the world’s countries have suffered recessions are the other. And it attributed the collapse of the economy of these countries the decline in the purchasing power of the currency. The only precious metals such as gold gains achievment despite an increase in the value of what is happening and there are other metals did not achieve gains but did not lose in value as the demand rises while the supply became limited.

Forms of investing in gold

You can invest your money in gold by investing in one or more of its forms.

Gold mutual funds

Why invest in gold is useful and profitable?

These are assets that purchased from gold mining companies and industries. Some of them involved in gold mining and filtered and purified, store and dispose of it. Moreover all the other necessary operations in the gold industry and available for use in various industrial applications.

Gold exchange traded funds

Physical gold

Gold coins digital DGC.

Gold certificates.

Gold-backed securities.

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